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Loon Song is Everywhere! 

My new single Loon Song is everywhere!  It's now on all your favorite music services.  I originally wrote Loon Song on a resonator guitar for my grandma's memorial.  While on a trip to Canada, I recorded many sounds in my grandma's cabin and the surrounding island, like rocks, sticks, door latches, footsteps, boat motor, metal water tank, and wind chimes.  I took these sounds home, manipulated them into many new sounds using my computer and sampler machine, and used those new sounds to write some new songs.  While working on these new songs, I thought "hey, Andy, why don't you make a new version of Loon Song using these new sounds?  It would be a fitting tribute to my grandma to record this song using sounds from in and around her home on Pine Island!"  So that's what I did!